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SPR100/X 100ml - Slurry Phase Reactor

fast, parallel testing of multiphase heterogeneous or homogeneous catalytic reactions

After the successful introduction of the SPR16 system, the SPR100/X was designed based on the SPR16 principle. It was introduced in 2007. The SPR100/X is a modular system comprising 100 ml reactors, internal cooling, flexible media supply and individual stirring options. The basic unit contains two reactors.

system features

  • modular two-batch reactor basis setup, extendable by groups of two, each reactor is independently controlled
  • temperature, pressure, stirring speed are individually adjustable for each reactor
  • reactors may be used as CSTRs (continuous stirred tank reactors) or cascading CSTRs
  • polyolefin option
  • automatic gas and liquid feed
  • Kontroll-PC für Ihre Experimentenplanung und Auswertung
  • control PC for experiment scheduling and analysis
  • Windows PC incl. GUI / SCADA software

system applications

  • heterogeneous and homogeneous multiphase reactions
  • hydrogenation
  • polymerization
  • carbonylation
  • hydroformylations, oxidations, hydrogenolysis
  • polyolefin chemistry

standard configuration

  • reactor volume: 100 ml
  • working pressure: 150 bar
  • stirring speed: 0 - 800 rpm

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