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parallel reactor system for heterogeneous gas phase catalysis and transient kinetic material testing

The Switch16 system is the result of a cooperation between the Institute des Recherches sur la Catalyse (IRCE) in Lyon, France, and AMTECH. It is a system comprising 16 cylindrical, reactor-like cartridges, which contain catalytic material and are easily exchangeable. Switch16 was designed for the acquisition of high quality data, and is able to conduct kinetic studies or material characterisation.

system features

  • 16 heatable reactor cartridges
  • constant conditions in all reactors regarding pressure, flow, temperature
  • individual temperature measurements possible
  • optional second liquid evaporator unit and gas supply
  • switching between states (steady-state and transient) possible
  • control PC for experiment scheduling and analysis
  • Windows PC incl. GUI / SCADA software

system applications

  • heterogeneous gas phase catalysis
  • parallel testing of catalysts, adsorbents and reaction conditions
  • transient kinetic studies, e.g. product analysis over time, fast deactivation studies
  • break-through measurements
  • Denox in presence of water
  • etc.

standard configuration

  • gas flow rate: 200 ml/min / reactor
  • liquid flow rate 0.2 g/min / reactor

other flow rates possible

  • maximum operating temperature: 550 °C
  • maximum operating pressure: 13 bar
  • apparent bed volume: 4 ml

Find out more about Switch16 and contact us via info(at)amtech-htt.de!

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